Brand Introduction of STUDIO SUNDOWNER:
Principal Ethan Chiang is a “kid-adult” obsessed with arts and toys. He was a busy working man in the first-half of his life. Serendipity brought him to sculpture and prototyping, which later ignited the “maker” spirit within his heart and enabled him to find a toy designing brand with the expectation of integrating art concepts in to toy creations.
STUDIO SUNDOWNER was formally founded in 2014. It dedicated itself in creating one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable “art toys”. Since its founding, it has been invited into numerous international exhibitions and conducted crossover collaborations with well-known brands. The original meaning of SUNDOWNER means the hot wind of California, wanderers, the warrior’s dance performed by Maasai of Kenya, and name for a kind of cocktail. Just like the versatile meanings of SUNDOWNER, we hope to design unconfined, versatile and creative products in order to bring about different perspectives to art toy creation.

Ethan Chiang
He founded STUDIO SUNDOWNER in 2014. Besides acting as the design director of STUDIO SUNDOWNER, he is also teaching the design and manufacturing of 12-inch 3D figures. Since the founding of this studio, it has been invited to numerous international exhibitions and conducted crossover collaborations with well-known brands. His designs integrate elements of scientific machines with fashion trends and traditional cultures, reflecting the acts of contemporary young people and illustrating his imagination towards the future world. In the future, he expects to constantly innovate and continue to create interesting works.

Past Works and Exhibitions Participated:
2014  STUDIO SUNDOWNER was formally founded.
2015 Jan.  Formally released series one of the Future Fantasyland, #TMA.
2015 May  Invited to THAILAND TOY EXPO 2015.
2015 May  Participated in SHANGHAI COMIC CONVENTION 2015.
2015 Oct.  Released series two of the Future Fantasyland, #HAYABUSA.
2015 Oct.  Participated in TTF 2015.
2015 Nov.  Formally collaborated with PILI in releasing 12-inch figure creations integrating puppetry.
2016 Jan.  Interviewed by the Liberty Times.
2016 Apr.  Participated in China (Yiwu) Cultural Products Trade Fair.
2016 May  Released the brand new series of “Advent of Marvelous League”.
2016 Jul.  Participated in WONDER FESTIVAL 2016 [SUMMER] at Japan.
2016 Aug.  Participated in the Xiamen International Animation Festival.
2016 Oct.  Participated in TTF 2016.
2016 Nov.  Interviewed by FHM Chinese International.
2017 Jul.  Third series of Advent of Marvelous League, Makora, will be formally released.