Advent of Marvelous League
Advent of Marvelous League#3- Mahoraga
Advent of Marvelous League#3-Mahoraga

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Advent of Marvelous League#3- Mahoraga
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Family Overview
Our brand new series of creation, Advent of Marvelous League, is inspired by the Chinese Zodiac. Fusing mythology, religion, and sci-fi elements, these form the background of this story in order to create a future world located nowhere. 

Advent of Marvelous League#3- Mahoraga

General Mao: Makora. As one of the 12 holy generals under the banner of Genesis, given that General Mao is so powerful that she could not control herself, Genesis decided to split her in half to balance her power, thus creating Makora and Mahoraga. The weapon of Pangu Axe that was possessed by General Mao was also split into Yaksha Blade and God Killer Hammer.
The relationship between Makora and Mahoraga are like yin and yang, who are both in opposition and dependant on each other simultaneously. Makora has a passionate and enthusiastic personality, but also tends to be impulsive and fractious, making her resemble the sun. On the other hand, Mahoraga has a callous and calm personality, while her loyalty toward friends is hidden underneath her inaccessible appearance, making her resemble the moon. Although the different personality between Makora and Mahoraga has caused many disagreements and quarrels among them, when they strike together, the Yaksha Blade and God Killer Hammer they each possess can be combined into the Pangu Axe, thus demonstrating its apocalyptic destructive power.
Material : Pvc, Abs, Clotes, Resin

Head x1 
female Body x1
Shirts x2
Pants x1
cloak x1
hand  type x4
Mechanical arm  x2
Mechanical leg  x2
Yaksha Blade x2
Mask x2
stand x1
Designed packing box x1
card x1
Instruction sheet x1
High:30 cm
God Killer Hammer (Makora’s accessory) not included