The Future Fantasyland
《The Future Fantasyland》#3 Rover
《The Future Fantasyland》 #3-ROVER

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《The Future Fantasyland》 #3-ROVER
Price:225 USD with international shipping included in the price.
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June, 2017.
limited quantity:300

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After an entire year of joint-development by Pili and STUDIO SUNDOWNER, the Future Fantasyland#3 -Rover is the first new creation combining traditional puppet with 1/6 figure. All 300 pieces are handcrafted and aged. Inspired by the character’s time travel to the future, it is named“Rover”.
By crossfield cooperation with the Leading brand of Taiwan's traditional puppet culture " Pili Puppet Theater ", we hope to show you the more diversification, innovative works of the series, also a different view of toy creation.
Background story of Future Fantasyland – Rover
Rover comes from the distant time and space, He sees full of rage and wars at the future world when he travels through times. uphold its destiny, he put a silver leopard mask, use polymer and micro-mechanical cell technology , Will be the original weapons prosthetics Upgrade again, and named himself as Rover, meaning a ranger among times. even if the end of the day, Guards and never regret, oath to settle all the wars and rages.
Introduction of Pili Puppet Theater
Originated in the 17th century, glove puppetry is a popular type of local theater found in China and Taiwan presented using puppets.
The glove puppet theater took Taiwan by storm, and at the forefront of the culture is Pili Puppet Theater, which has attracted an immense number of people throughout the country, with many protagonists in the theater having been idolized by the audience. The peripheral products include wooden puppets, original soundtracks, computer/online games and other figurine products, generating tremendous business opportunity. In 2000, Pili’s The Legend of The Sacred Stone even surpassed Hollywood blockbuster Toy Story 2 in the Taiwanese box-office, which was launched during the same period. In July 2016, Pili ventured into the Japanese market, collaborating with its Japanese partner to produce《Thunderbolt Fantasy 東離劍遊紀》glove puppetry television series, which was well received and subsequently became a huge success in Japan.